Teacher work days = fun at Sew Crafty! Such a great time yesterday with all of our new students.

The girls arrived at 9:30 AM and were eager to start their sewing and crafting projects. We had prepped most of the fabric and materials beforehand and were ready for them to jump right in. Half of the girls began the day with sewing lessons from Toni and Tessa, and the other half were with me at the greeting card and jewelry-making tables.

At the sewing machines, the girls first got a feel for the “gas pedal” by sewing along straight and curvy lines on practice fabric. Toni and Tessa’s 2:1 instruction made it sew easy that everyone picked it up quickly – even our littlest one at six years old! The girls then chose among our wide selection of fabrics to make Halloween themed tote bags, carefully sewing together the pocket, main panels, and straps.

In my group, the girls dove into our collection of papers, ribbons, punches, and do-dads to create greeting cards. Many of the girls wove strips of paper into really creative designs. Later, we moved to our bead table to make colorful beaded necklaces with memory-wire.

For lunch, we crossed the street and treated the girls to yummy fries and sodas at Bull City Burger. Afterwards, we came back and switched sewing and crafting groups. Can I give kudos to our own Sew Crafty team? We seamlessly rotated the activities throughout the day, and all of the girls had a tote bag full of goodies to bring home. The best part was seeing the parents’ reaction when they picked up their kids at 2:30 PM. “You made all of that today?!”

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