Voyager Academy Enrichment

Not too long ago, the idea of participating in Voyager Academy’s Monday Enrichment Program was just a twinkle in our eyes. Today, we welcomed a fantastic group of Voyager girls to our studio for the first session of the six-week long enrichment class.

The girls started their sewing lessons with our favorite beginners project: a multicolored striped pillow. This project is great for new sewers because of its simple, straight-line sewing. The students chose from our wall-to-wall shelving of patterned fabrics, so all of their pillows came out highly personalized. We loved seeing the smiling faces when the girls proudly showed off successful sewing projects to their parents. What a confidence booster!

In addition to the pillows, the girls decorated seasonal wreaths, which will be great for transitioning from Halloween to Thanksgiving on their front doors. We have special projects like this planned for each session.

The best part of the day? We received a lovely email from a very happy mother, Virginia. “Thank you for making this enrichment truly ‘rich’ for all the young women who are fortunate to be there.”

This is why I love my job!


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  • Carolynn Williams

    As Ava’s grandmother, I have to thank you for what you are doing for these girls. The knowledge of all the possibilities involved in sewing is priceless!
    I am aware that most schools do not offer these skills and I am so happy to see young people interested in sewing and people that are teaching it.
    Sincerely, Carolynn Williams