Bringing sewing back, yeah

We are so delighted with the response from our LivingSocial deal! Your support has truly lifted our spirits and given us new energy for 2012. I have been glued to the website, watching the number of deals purchased rise by the minute. Toni and I were shocked when…

we reached 100 by early morning on the first day of the promotion, and our glee continued as we hit over 200 later that afternoon. I received several wonderful emails in support of our mission to empower women and pass along the skill of sewing to a new generation. We feel the connection in this sewing revival with the larger demand for handmade, sustainable, made-in-America goods. Thank you for helping us bring sewing back!

Reserve your spot in our sewing workshops today!

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  • Anna Serenity2011

    Totally amazing!! So happy for you guys….have fun!

  • Nout

    I’m so sad I missed it!!!!!!!

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