Special report from one of our talented Durham Academy students, Kathryn, during our Spring Break Crafty Days camp.

Our assignment was to do a project on a state, and my teacher gave me the state of Kentucky. I first visited Kentucky when I was four years old. My dad grew up in Kentucky, and I have an uncle there who owns a horse farm. I was glad to have this state to learn more about where my family came from. I wanted to make something different from a diorama. I like to sew, so I thought, why not do a quilt!
Before I began, Ms. Toni and I made a paper sketch to plan the quilt and choose fabrics. I wanted to make things that most people would notice about Kentucky, such as the state bird, coal mining, and blue grass music. My favorite part is the cut out of the horse. We sewed each square using fabric and buttons to make the image. I’m glad I had enough time to work on it at Sew Crafty during Spring Break!