Beads of Courage


Sewing brings us much joy, and through the Striving for More Than a Cure organization, our students will soon share this joy with others in our latest community service project. We will provide special drawstring bags to Striving for More to support the Beads of Courage program, in which children collect beads to represent specific cancer treatment procedures at Duke and UNC children’s hospitals.

As children use the bags to collect Beads of Courage throughout treatment, they can “visually show and tell family and friends of their experiences of courage, encouraging them to open up and share their feelings about their condition and the treatment they are receiving,” as described on the Striving for More website.

Girls from our Voyager Academy Enrichment group have begun work on the bead bags to support this wonderful organization and program.

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  • Kathlee

    My kiddos both love their beads of courage and their bags made recently by another volunteer group, what you kids are doing is so sweet and generous, keep up the great work, you are making a difference in the life of so many!!!

  • Jenn

    Thank you for the message! So glad to hear from someone who has benefited from the Beads of Courage program. We look forward to reaching more families with our work.