CarolynQuiltWe are ready for Summer Sewing Camp to begin on Monday June 9th and we can’t WAIT!!!!  We have designed a few new patchwork quilt-tops that the girls can choose to make should they wish to.  AND, this year, they will even get to quilt the top, batting and backing together with our new LONGARM QUILTING MACHINE, should they so desire.  What an awesome opportunity!  There are LOTS of other sewing projects to choose from also – stuffed animals, dresses, skirts, tops, PJ pants, scarves, tote bags, drawstring bags, “wallets” and more.  We’ll be posting photos of some of those projects, so watch for them!

Sorry to see Week 3 of Spring Break Sewing Camp end!

BigGroupYet ANOTHER group of super sweet, polite and most of all, TALENTED, young girls joined us for the week and sewed so many awesome things!

Spring Break Camp is Going Well

3GirlsTwo weeks down, 2 weeks to go!  The girls are making awesome things.  The 2 girls on the right side of this photo made their complete outfits and the girl on the left made 2 tote bags, a draw string bag and a turtle, among other things not pictured.  You go, girls!

First Week of Spring Break Camp a Success!

GroupWe were sad to end our first week of Spring Break Camp last Friday. We had a good time with the four girls who were in attendance and since the group was kind of small we were able to go on a field trip to Hancock Fabrics in the middle of the week. Every girl made an awesome garment of their choice and plenty of other things were created, including pillows, headbands and scarves, organizers, stuffed animals and hats.

Summer Sewing Camp Accepting MORE girls!

We WERE full ever week and had filled up so fast I was getting a lot of emails from disappointed moms who wanted to get their daughters into summer sewing camp.  So, I figured out a way to handle taking 9 girls per week like I used to do instead of the 6 that I had capped it at.  The reason for decreasing the # of girls per week  is because our new studio space on the 2nd floor is a bit smaller than the space we had on the 1st floor.  Well, I realized that the girls who are having their turn at doing crafts while the other girls sew (they rotate throughout the day) can do their crafting in the FUN ZONE on the first floor!  This way there is room for everybody and we can have 9 girls just like previous years.  There will be a teacher dedicated to working with the crafters in the FUN ZONE.  YAY!  So, if you missed it before now is your chance to get your daughter signed up!