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100% Thumbs Up on Sewing Workshops

Thank you to all of our LivingSocial participants! We have enjoyed meeting you and can’t wait to see you again. Read a sample of the wonderful LivingSocial reviews we received here on our adult sewing workshops.

June Adult Sewing Workshops

It’s sun-dress season, and we know you’re burning to learn how to make your own creations. That’s why we’ve added the new Sip ‘n Sew Series, in which we will teach specific garment construction techniques (zippers, darts, collars, etc.) and provide guidance for any sewing project of your choice, along with some tasty adult beverages. It’s not called Sip ‘n Sew for nothing! Perfect timing to have a new dress ready for a Fourth of July party. Sign up now and bring your favorite dress pattern and fabric. See June calendar for all upcoming Adult Sewing Workshops.

Unique Project: Kentucky Quilt

Special report from one of our talented Durham Academy students, Kathryn, during our Spring Break Crafty Days camp.

Our assignment was to do a project on a state, and my teacher gave me the state of Kentucky. I first visited Kentucky when I was four years old. My dad grew up in Kentucky, and I have an uncle there who owns a horse farm. I was glad to have this state to learn more about where my family came from. I wanted to make something different from a diorama. I like to sew, so I thought, why not do a quilt!

Introducing: Woven Pillows

By popular demand, we have added a new Sewing Workshop: Woven Pillows. You’ll learn how to weave on a simple loom, prepare the woven design for transfer, and sew it into new pillow. The possibilities are endless in selecting from our collection of yarns, specialty ribbons, and textured threads. We will guide you on choosing complimentary colors and textures, and you will leave with a one-of-a-kind project. Sign up for March dates by emailing Jenn.

New Video

Call the Academy, they forgot to nominate us! Just kidding. Check out the new video from yesterday’s Kids Day Off Workshop.