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Quilting with the Longarm

Sew Crafty has a longarm quilting machine that can handle quilting a standard queen sized quilt (not to exceed 80″ wide) or anything smaller than that. You can pay Toni to quilt your quilt top for you OR Toni can teach you how to use the longarm and you can quilt it yourself.

The cost for the initial lesson to teach you how to use it PLUS help pinning your top to the machine is $80. Once you start actually quilting the rental of the machine is $20 per hour.

The cost to have Toni quilt your quilt for you varies greatly depending on the size of the quilt and the complexity of the quilting design you select. A baby quilt with a simple quilting design might only cost $150 to quilt whereas a queen size quilt using a complex quilting design might cost $800, just to provide you with a range.

Custom Quilt Designs

Sometimes a person has an idea of a unique design for a quilt top. It can be asymmetrical and not constructed from a series of “blocks” all sewn together in rows. Toni is very good at helping people turn those ideas into reality! You would need to at least be able to create a rough sketch of your idea OR have some pictures or photos that have inspired your idea.

Toni could work with you at the Private Lesson rate of $40 per hour to figure out how to turn your idea into an actual quilt. You could sew it together OR she can make it for you if you can’t sew yourself.

Standard Block Designs

Many quilts are constructed by sewing together a bunch of “blocks”. A block is a square pieced together from smaller pieces of fabric that creates a design.

There are HUNDREDS of block designs that you can find in books and on the internet. If you’re interested in getting started making quilts Toni can recommend which blocks are easiest for a beginner, teach you how to create it and supervise your sewing of the number of blocks needed to make the size of quilt that you want. If you have a sewing machine you can also learn how to make the block and then make the quantity needed at home.

Once you have enough blocks Toni can show you how to sew them together to finish the quilt top.

Baby Quilts

Never made a quilt before? A baby quilt is a great way to to get started because, well, they are SMALL!

They make great baby shower gifts – you’ll be the hit of the shower by giving such an amazing hand-made gift! If you make one for a grandchild you can remind them that when they wrap themselves up in their quilt it’s like getting a hug from you. There are many many styles of quilts appropriate for baby quilts AND there are lots of adorable juvenile fabric patterns to use for them.

Toni can help you realize a design idea you may already have or help you come up with an idea. The possibilities are endless!

T-Shirt Quilts

Do you have a bunch of t-shirts from your days in college or all the Summer Camps you went to? If you don’t wear those t-shirts anymore but you want to keep them for sentimental reasons why not turn them into a quilt? Toni has helped many people accomplish this!

Sometimes people wish to do all the sewing but just don’t know how to get started and some people want to have the whole quilt made for them. Either way, Toni can help and you’re sure to be happy to have a “memory quilt” that’s soft and warm!

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