PLEASE NOTE:  Sew Crafty prefers to provide the sewing machines for the beginner classes as we have chosen very user-friendly machines that are in good working order.  If you have a machine of your own that you wish to become familiar with we can help you with that BEFORE the scheduled workshop starting time for an additional fee of $10.


BEGINNERS SEWING #1  Tues. Jan. 9th 7:00-9:00PM  $35  FULL

HOW TO HEM PANTS   Wed. Jan. 10th  7:00-9:00PM  $35

ZIPPERERD POUCH  Thurs. Jan. 11th  7:00-9:00PM   $35

BEGINNERS SEWING #2  Wed. Jan. 17th 7:00-9:00PM $35

BEGINNERS SEWING #1  Thurs. Jan. 18th 7:00-9:00PM  $35

BOWL COZY   Tues. Jan 23rd   7:00-8:30PM $30

BEGINNERS SEWING #1  Wed. Jan. 24th 7:00-9:00PM  $35

HOW TO HEM PANTS   Thurs. Jan. 25th  7:00-9:00PM  $35

BEGINNERS SEWING #2  Tues. Jan. 30th 7:00-9:00PM $35

ZIPPERERD POUCH  Wed. Jan. 31st  7:00-9:00PM   $35

BEGINNERS SEWING #1  Thurs. Feb. 1st 7:00-9:00PM  $35

QUILTED POTHOLDER Tues. Feb. 6th  7:00-9:00PM $35

BOWL COZY  Wed. Feb. 7th   7:00-8:30PM $30

BEGINNERS SEWING #2  Thurs. Feb. 8th 7:00-9:00PM $35

BEGINNERS SEWING #1  Tues. Feb. 13th 7:00-9:00PM  $35

HOW TO HEM PANTS   Wed. Feb. 14th  7:00-9:00PM  $35

ZIPPERERD POUCH  Thurs. Feb. 15th  7:00-9:00PM   $35





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bgnrPillowsBEGINNER’S SEWING #1 Pillow

                                        ($35, 2 hr)

You will learn the basic functionality of a sewing machine and how to maintain a straight seam line. This class is perfect for people who have never used a sewing machine and those who have had a little bit of experience a long time ago and need a refresher course.   Use of our machines is included in the fee if you do not have a machine.   The project you will make is the Beginner’s Pillow as pictured 

Tote BagsBEGINNER’S SEWING #2-TOTE BAGS         ($35, 2  Hrs.)

This is the perfect second class to take after taking the Beginner’s #1-Pillow class.   Choose from our selection of colorful pre-cut fabrics. Beginners Sewing #1 is a pre-requisite UNLESS you already have basic sewing skills.  In this class you will learn how to “top stitch” in a straight line, how to make handle straps, a patch pocket, a lining and a box corner.  You will leave with an adorable and useful tote bag that you made yourself!


BOWL COZY   ($30, 1.5 HRS.)  Bowl

Tired of burning your fingers when you reach into the microwave to get that bowl of soup that you just heated up?  Well, come learn how to make a Bowl Cozy that you can put your bowl in, put them both in the microwave and then lift the bowl out by holding onto the cozy, which will NOT be hot! A very easy and practical project!

FALLplacematQUILTED  PLACEMAT   ($45, 3 Hrs.)

The pattern pictured is called “Chock-o-Block and it’s SO much easier to piece together than it appears!  Sew 4 rectangles together and then do some creative cutting, rearrange the pieces and it looks like pictured!  Do some top-stitching to actually quilt it, wrap the edges with the oversized fabric that you use for the back and it’s DONE!  You can choose from  pretty Autumn fabrics or Christmas fabrics or “every-day” fabrics  for use all year round.


IMG_0112ZIPPERED  POUCH             ($35, 2 hours)

These zippered pouches are SO easy to make you won’t even believe it!!!  Definitely easy enough for a beginner who has taken the Beginner’s Workshops #1 and #2.  These zippered pouches make a really great gift because you can put additional gifts inside of it, like jewelry, special soaps, lotions, candles or gift cards – anything, actually, that will fit in it!


quilted potholder

quilted potholder

QUILTED POTHOLDER  ($35, 2 hours)

Sew 3″ squares together to create a “9 patch”  quilt block and then layer it up with batting and a piece of fabric on the back . Then, you’ll “stitch in the ditch” to quilt it all together and to finish it off you will add binding all around the edges.  A great way to get started on some of the standard techniques used to make a quilt – the potholder is kind of like a mini-quilt!


 HOW TO HEM PANTS   ($30, 1.5 hours)       

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hem your own pants, or your kid’s pants?  Well, if you BRING A PAIR OF PANTS in that need to be hemmed  you will learn how to do it and you’ll actually get your pants hemmed during the class!  It’s VERY easy – perfect for beginner’s who know the basics of using a sewing machine.  If you bring in SLACKS that have a lining – that’s a slightly different and longer process and you will be charged an extra $10.